Top 5 Weirdest Casino Games Played All Over the World

Casinos never fail to surprise their patrons with amazing inventions which are way out of the ordinary. So even if playing roulette or slots appears lousy to you, how about trying tic-tac-toe against a chicken? Here are the Top 5 Weirdest Casino Games that are played all over the world.


Dreidel is a Jewish game that is often played at Hanukkah. It involves making bets using small change of coins, raisins, etc., by placing them into a pot at the center of the table. Players then spin the dreidel and win some/all pot pieces depending upon the site where the dreidel lands. Learning dreidel is easy; all you need to do is placing bets and spin.


This game is the heartthrob of most casinos worldwide as it is the first card game that you must have played with your siblings back in the time. It’s commonly played to spark nostalgia among players, whose aim is to be dealt a better card than the dealer. It has an extra ‘tie bet’ if both the parties get the same card with the same rank.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

This is a game of noughts and crosses which is played against a real chicken named Ginger. It is played in the Atlantic City casinos but is also popular in a couple of other casinos in the US. Tic-Tac-Toe chicken offers a chance of winning a hefty amount of $10,000 and is not at all easy. The chicken here is nearly unbeatable except during a few times where the opponents were seriously lucky.


Birdsong is a Belgium game that involves wagering on the bird, which will sing the loudest of all. The birds are locked in their cages which then take turns to sing for their gamblers. This game allows all the players to study the birds before placing any bet. So, the game is not just rewarding but also fascinating to watch. But due to strict animal well-being activists, Birdsong could not grow outside Belgium.


It is a slot game equipped with Japanese anime. There are pins and blockers in the machine holding small steel balls aimed at rolling down the holes designated with a reward. This sounds simple but turns tricky as the balls disappear instantly on dropping down, giving less reaction time to the players.

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