Top 5 Online Casino Bonuses

Unlike land-based casinos, online gambling offers an opportunity to play or cash in different kinds of bonuses. These can be easily claimed through several promotional links listed down on a separate page, other than the homepage. The only limit is that they need a wager to be cleared. And as you are done with that, you can easily withdraw your funds. Here are those Top 5 Online Casino Bonuses.

1: Welcome Bonus

Every online casino offers a Welcome Bonus whenever a new player registers. These may vary from a few dollars to a grand or more depending upon the playthrough requirements. Welcome bonuses remain valid for a short duration of time, say a few weeks, to incite early depositions and bet making from the players.

2: Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is given to the players whose welcome bonus runs out of validity. Reload bonus works exactly like a welcome bonus, except that a percentage of your deposit is provided as a bonus. Such bonuses are beneficial for those who do not wish to have inflated playthrough requirements for easy cash-ins and claims.

3: No Deposit Bonus

If you don’t have anything to bet, even then there is a special kind of bonus known as the no-deposit bonus, which a few online casinos offer with the motive of promotion. These depositions require following certain guidelines, which is sometimes as easy as making an account and logging in. No-deposit bonuses have huge winning potentials but are limited by casinos in most cases.

4: VIP Club

These clubs offer a special type of bonus to all the players, from beginners to veterans, through multiple membership tiers. Each tier has a reward that keeps getting bigger as the tiers progress. For every dollar wagered, there are ‘loyalty points’ given, that can take you through different tiers and therefore rewards. These clubs offer benefits like faster accumulation of the reward points, prioritized withdrawals, vacations, special events, and more.

5: Free Spins

These are the additional rewards that the online casinos add up with the deposit bonuses. Not just that but they also specify the events that you can use these free spins for. The winnings from these free spins later add up to your bonus amount, which you can withdraw anytime given that all the playthrough requirements have been met.

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