Arnold Snyder


Arnold Snyder has made a living from playing Blackjack as a professional, but not solely by just playing the game; he has also written well known books on Blackjack strategies. One such publication is Radical Blackjack; a how-to memoir / expose all wrapped up in paperback. Not satisfied with the poker career alone, Snyder is also an ordained minister and currently resides on the outskirts of Las Vegas. He started life as a postman, so where he ended up was a world away from that life. His book details his adventures in hole carding, milking loss rebates, shuffle tracking, successes in real money casinos usa, and exploiting online casino bonuses and affiliate deals. Everything gambling enthusiasts would want ‘the scoop’ on.

A Blackjack Legend in the making

Snyder’s grew up in a devout Catholic family in Detroit, Michigan and he was toying with the idea of entering the seminary. It all changed when in the 1960’s he developed a fondness for LSD and continued on this hallucinogenic path for years, giving him a different perspective on the world. Arnold started visiting casinos regularly and met Tommy Hyland at a casino in Atlantic City; little did they realize they would in years to come to both end up as inaugural inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Sometimes, it really does appear that certain things are just ‘meant to be’. Their partnership formed when Snyder observed Hyland at the blackjack tables and recognised that he was attempting to count cards which led to Snyder’s giving him critical advice in developing these skills. It was the start of the longest-running and most successful blackjack team globally. Much of his successes came prior to online casino games, but he hold appeal with that audience too.

In a Nutshell

Arnold Snyder’s fame is based not only on his successful Blackjack career but also as an advocate for the rights of professional gamblers. He testified on behalf of Tommy Hyland in the Windsor Ontario case-preserving his legal right to blackjack team plays in Canada and US Casinos. Snyder’s is a man who placed the spotlight on Blackjack and revolutionized the profession through his books. For that reason he’s rightfully respected by many in the game.

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