5 things you can learn from mainstream poker players

Being a professional poker player is not an easy task. It requires years of experience, analysis, interest in the game, and will, to pursue it as a mainstream profession. Unfortunately, 90% of the people lack one or more of these traits and lose their hard-earned money consistently over time. This article will list down those 5 things that you can learn from the mainstream poker players to be a better hand in the game.

1: It’s not about how many bets you have won

Winning in poker is not entirely about winning bets. It is the size of the bets/pots versus the risk that matters more. A simple way of winning big is to bet on every hand that you play, high or low doesn’t matter. So rather than winning more pots than your competitor, you should focus more on garnering profits. That’s the trick.

2: Never let your Emotions play for you

Maintaining equanimity at the table is one of the greatest things that only pro-poker players can do. Instead of getting depressed or aggressive, they tend to look for opportunities to bounce back in the game and lead the arena. A professional poker player would smile even after losing, congratulate you, and would never hesitate to celebrate it with you. Sportsmanship is one of the vital traits one should have.

3: Timing Is Everything

Amateurs have the habit of thinking too much and being very indecisive about their moves. They don’t realize that taking more time indicates the weakness of the hand. A professional poker player on the other hand would take all his decisions within the same time frame, which shows a strong hand in the game. So, don’t be readable, that’s it.

4: Learn to manage your bankrolls from a Pro

Running out of money in poker means running out of the business. Pro players are very good at maintaining their bankrolls, which gives them an upper hand to be consistent in the game. But if you go broke as soon as you start, leave winning big, you won’t be able to garner enough profit despite being the best player on the table.

5: Keeping written records

Professional players treat poker like a small business. They keep a well-written record of the money, time spent, and games that they play, as to have a clear picture of how well they perform in the short run. This comes in handy while evaluating moves and filing tax returns. So to avoid complications one must learn to keep a track of all of his activities.

5 worst Casino game odds

Although there are games that give favorable short-terms odds, the ones with poor odds and bankroll exhausting potential need greater attention. This doesn’t mean that they are totally bad. It’s just that some games are not made for the short-run benefits. It’s, therefore, necessary to identify them and play with caution. Here are the 5 worst casino game odds you must always be familiar with.

1: Slot Machines

These are called ‘one-armed bandits’ for two primary reasons. One being their operation through levers, and their notoriously skimming money off your bankrolls. They offer hard luck due to their extremely volatile behavior as their short-term odds rarely match with the long-term. Also, with not so high house edge, this game is unpredictable, except if you are there on it for a day or so.

2: Poker and DFS Tournaments

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Poker require high skills to realize adequate profits. Moreover, only 10-15% of all the players have high chances of winning in these tournaments. Charging a 10% rake on the entry fees makes these casino games with fewer pay-out turners, which is rather frustrating.

3: Keno

Keno is a lottery game where you select a no. on a card and lets the blower showcase your bet to win. It’s exciting in the way that it can convert even a small bet into big pay-outs. Keno is even worse than the slot machines as they have around 5-7% house edge as compared to 2-3% of the slots. So, you have just 93-95% returns in keno with a 1 in 4 winning probability.

4: Casino Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are available at convenience stores that have a lottery-type winning percentage. Although they can pay you as high as 1000x or more on your bet, you will have to try a lot of these cards before making anything significant. They are even worse than the slot machines in a way that you can’t simply make money out of them as a beginner.

5: Roulette

It is believed that bets on single digits in roulette have fewer chances of turning out in favor than the double-digit ones. Moreover, here you have a winning chance of 1 in 36 which is just 2.7%. However, the house edge in roulette is the same as in other worse-performing odds. So you must be careful with this game as well.

Top 5 Online Casino Bonuses

Unlike land-based casinos, online gambling offers an opportunity to play or cash in different kinds of bonuses. These can be easily claimed through several promotional links listed down on a separate page, other than the homepage. The only limit is that they need a wager to be cleared. And as you are done with that, you can easily withdraw your funds. Here are those Top 5 Online Casino Bonuses.

1: Welcome Bonus

Every online casino offers a Welcome Bonus whenever a new player registers. These may vary from a few dollars to a grand or more depending upon the playthrough requirements. Welcome bonuses remain valid for a short duration of time, say a few weeks, to incite early depositions and bet making from the players.

2: Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is given to the players whose welcome bonus runs out of validity. Reload bonus works exactly like a welcome bonus, except that a percentage of your deposit is provided as a bonus. Such bonuses are beneficial for those who do not wish to have inflated playthrough requirements for easy cash-ins and claims.

3: No Deposit Bonus

If you don’t have anything to bet, even then there is a special kind of bonus known as the no-deposit bonus, which a few online casinos offer with the motive of promotion. These depositions require following certain guidelines, which is sometimes as easy as making an account and logging in. No-deposit bonuses have huge winning potentials but are limited by casinos in most cases.

4: VIP Club

These clubs offer a special type of bonus to all the players, from beginners to veterans, through multiple membership tiers. Each tier has a reward that keeps getting bigger as the tiers progress. For every dollar wagered, there are ‘loyalty points’ given, that can take you through different tiers and therefore rewards. These clubs offer benefits like faster accumulation of the reward points, prioritized withdrawals, vacations, special events, and more.

5: Free Spins

These are the additional rewards that the online casinos add up with the deposit bonuses. Not just that but they also specify the events that you can use these free spins for. The winnings from these free spins later add up to your bonus amount, which you can withdraw anytime given that all the playthrough requirements have been met.

Top 5 Weirdest Casino Games Played All Over the World

Casinos never fail to surprise their patrons with amazing inventions which are way out of the ordinary. So even if playing roulette or slots appears lousy to you, how about trying tic-tac-toe against a chicken? Here are the Top 5 Weirdest Casino Games that are played all over the world.


Dreidel is a Jewish game that is often played at Hanukkah. It involves making bets using small change of coins, raisins, etc., by placing them into a pot at the center of the table. Players then spin the dreidel and win some/all pot pieces depending upon the site where the dreidel lands. Learning dreidel is easy; all you need to do is placing bets and spin.


This game is the heartthrob of most casinos worldwide as it is the first card game that you must have played with your siblings back in the time. It’s commonly played to spark nostalgia among players, whose aim is to be dealt a better card than the dealer. It has an extra ‘tie bet’ if both the parties get the same card with the same rank.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

This is a game of noughts and crosses which is played against a real chicken named Ginger. It is played in the Atlantic City casinos but is also popular in a couple of other casinos in the US. Tic-Tac-Toe chicken offers a chance of winning a hefty amount of $10,000 and is not at all easy. The chicken here is nearly unbeatable except during a few times where the opponents were seriously lucky.


Birdsong is a Belgium game that involves wagering on the bird, which will sing the loudest of all. The birds are locked in their cages which then take turns to sing for their gamblers. This game allows all the players to study the birds before placing any bet. So, the game is not just rewarding but also fascinating to watch. But due to strict animal well-being activists, Birdsong could not grow outside Belgium.


It is a slot game equipped with Japanese anime. There are pins and blockers in the machine holding small steel balls aimed at rolling down the holes designated with a reward. This sounds simple but turns tricky as the balls disappear instantly on dropping down, giving less reaction time to the players.