Top 5 poker players of all time

Poker is one of those casino games that can help you make a fortune of millions. There have been various personalities and characters who have excelled at the game, through their skill and determination, especially in the states. For some of them this has mostly taken place offline, for others online casinos usa, and for many, a combination of the two. Aspects like strategy, longevity, winnings and titles can be used to distinguish and separate them. With that in mind, here is our strictly non-official top 5 poker players of all time:

1: Justin Bonomo – ZeeJustin

Playing high roller poker tournaments against some of the best competitions Justin made a whopping $44.6 million which outshines all. This 33-year-old poker sensation has won 18 titles in his career so far, including the Heads-up No-Limit Hold’em Championship and Super High Roller Bowl. He has played against the finest players of the game and often won, all thanks to his distinguished skillset.

2: Doyle Brunson – Texas Dolly

Brunson is 85 and one of the finest players who declined to call it a day for many a year and just kept on winning instead (though he has since slow down!). In the game long before online casinos, online pokies and the like (this would’ve been a different world to him) he has 10 World Series of Poker bracelets with two main event titles from 1976 and 1977 respectively. In 2019, Brunson managed to reach the final table which is exceptional being an 84-year-old. Moreover, he has a record of being the oldest winner in a World Poker Tour event.

3: Johnny Moss – Grandfather of Poker

Although there were only 7 players who participated in the first World Poker Tournament in 1970, Moss won that championship followed by one more in 1970 and another one in 1974. His career ended with 9 WSOP bracelets and winnings of around $1.25 million. From  a career that started as an amateur gambler in Texas, he’s come a long way to wind up with such a spectacular career in poker.

4: Phil Hellmuth – The Poker Brat

With 15 WSOP bracelets and $23 million of winnings, Phil is also the only player to have won the WSOP Main Event tournament in Las Vegas (1989) and Europe (2012). Phil these days can often be seen in the televised cash games and promoting his best-selling books to the masses. In recent years Phil is still aiming for the WPT title. Determination and passion never to short supply.

5: Phil Ivey – The Tiger Woods of Poker

Phil is one of those players who studies the game first, and then applies the analysis to the table. He earned his first win in the Jack Binion World Poker Open at only 21. And having played for so many years, he now has 10 WSOP bracelets and $26 million live tournament winnings. The theme here surely is that perseverance pays.

Top 5 tricks to win big in casino slot machines

Casino slot machines offer big when it’s about making real cash. There are a lot of theories that go around teaching how to tame these slot machines, but most of them do not work. The reason being people post these myths without themselves having played the game. But according to what professionals recommend, here are the Top 5 tricks to win big in casino slot machines.

1: Take the Low Wagering Playthrough

As in wagering, you need to indicate the betting amount before claiming the bonus, and you can only withdraw winning off these off-slot bonuses, make sure you opt for low playthrough opportunities that are nearly 10x. For example, a 5$ bonus with 50x wagering will make you bet $250 while only 50$ is required with a 10x playthrough.

2: Identify Loose Slot Machines

It has always been believed that machines with loose slots help to win much more than the normal ones. But the point is to identify the locations of such machines in a casino. Usually, such systems are placed at the row-end, so that the winning could pervade the entire play arena. The starting machines are never the loose ones because then they do not help in circulating the winning vibe across the room.

3: Avoid Complicated Games

You can’t win big at games that you barely understand. Complicated casino games are no doubt exciting, but the odds at such games are hard to turn in your favor. So, make sure you chose an easy game to be quickly compatible with how it works, and how you can trick it with your wit and luck to grab some real cash in the meantime.

4: Selecting Slot Machines with Higher Denominations

Slot machines work on an algorithm of pay-outs being directly proportional to the bets placed. So higher denomination slot machines enable a huge likelihood of playing a winning slot. The more you bet, the more will be your chances of winning big and receive huge payouts.

5: Try yourself at the Free Slots First

Chances of direct winning are much less if you go on with a game that you haven’t played before. So, it’s always recommended to test the slots first before taking the real chance, because that is where your hard-earned money is at stake. Trying the initial slots free prepares you for the outcomes, both physically and mentally.

Top 5 advantages of playing casino online

Gone are the days when online casinos used to be an unexplored niche. Today, they compete on par with the land-based casinos with millions of registered users. This is surprising but behind this very fact lies a logical explanation that lists down the benefits that people have in the online mode. Here are those Top 5 advantages of playing casino online, which you may hardly find in land-based venues.

1: Convenience

The very first benefit that you get in online gaming is the convenience, as, unlike the land-based casinos, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your homes to try your luck. Just a few taps/clicks can take you to a live casino, where you can play as much as you want. Due to this very reason, online gambling has become one of the greatest pastime activities ever.

2: Free Casino Games

Most online casinos offer a free version of some of their games so that the players could practice without being concerned for their hard-earned money. This facility is not there in the offline casinos. So, one may easily get used to the basics in an online gaming environment which is a strong factor behind people’s attraction to this model.

3: Online Bonuses

Almost every casino welcomes players with a joining bonus to entice them to play only on their website. This is rather appealing as no such benefit is giving in offline casinos. These bonuses may vary in size and type and are helpful for the new players who are not good with the basics of the game.

4: Loyalty Points

Many casinos provide loyalty points to their players for being loyal to their site. This means that even if you are continuously losing, you can still have loyalty points which can be redeemed for the casino credits or some real cash. Offline casinos too offer such type of treatment but in the form of drinks, dinner, or hotel scratch cards.

5: Deposit Options

Purchasing chips for cash is a long-followed tradition in land-based casinos. They offer very limited payment options, which is sometimes frustrating. Online casinos provide a range of deposit options like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash, Credit & Debit cards, etc. This gives players a wide range of benefits over transactions and flexibility which is the vital issue that businesses these days fail to address.

5 Myths About Online Casinos

Nobody in the early 1990s must have imagined how accessible the world will be some 20-30 years ahead. All thanks to the internet that emerged into a high utility resource for the entire humanity. One of the biggest benefit takers from the online presence happened to the online gambling sites. But where there is technology, there is some negativity. Online gambling too raised concerns regarding the safety of money, cheating probabilities, and more.

Today this industry has grown beyond its potential, but still, there are people who either play with some uncertainty or do not play at all. That’s because of some myths that resurface now and then but are not valid. Let’s debunk these 5 Myths About Online Casinos one by one.

1: Rigged Online Games

Because the players in online gambling do not have access to the dealer or the slot machine, they often believe that these casino games are rigged in favor of the club only. But because players today can instantly check game history through algorithms, rigging has become very hard. Also, nobody would deliberately ruin business leaking such incidents into the press.

2: Promotes Underage Gamblers

Some watchdogs keep a strict check on any gambling website once it is launched. They believe that in online casino games, even minors could sign up and play real money. But online casino gaming involves identity verification and credit card money depositions. KYC departments ask for bundles of documents from the players to prevent such fraudulent activities online.

3: Games freeze during a winning

Players do complain that their game slows down or freezes when they are winning. This is less likely to be true as when you’re constantly winning; the house would want you to play more because the odds say that over time, it is the house that wins.

4: Play-money games give you more

Games that run on play money and not actual cash are meant for practice. They even run on the same game RNG as the real-money versions. You win more through play money because then you don’t risk losing money and explore tendencies. Real money induces fear, so the winning percentage drops down.

5: Addiction

It’s true that online, you get greater access to the games and that too quite easily. But online casinos track your every move through logins and your deposit frequencies. This information makes them more proactive to excessive gambling.