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Jack-in-the-Green festival May 4th to May 7th 2012

Here’s to a wonderful summer

Hastings was blessed with excellent weather over the May Day weekend which helped bring the spirit of summer to this years Jack in the Green festival. There was a fantastic turnout on the Monday and the cheering as the procession went though the Old Town and West Hill made the long slog up Croft Road worth every step.

A photograph of the Sweeps and Guests on High Street at Jack in the Green 2014
Sweeps and guests along High Street.Photograph courtesy of Caroline Mound 2014©

We would like to thank everyone who lent a hand to help make things happen, and would like to extend a special thank you to the seemingly endless support from Kevin Boorman and Hastings Borough Council; their invaluable contribution is much appreciated.

Finally we send out a big thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the celebrations over the weekend. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as do: see you all again next year.

The Jack in the Green committee